Welcome to One Bear Painted Art & Graphics​

We want to add fun to your visual diet. So come with us and explore the ways some people decorate their world and maybe you'll be inspired to have us create a wonderfully painted world all your own.

painte4d murals in a room
state of Nevada seal
Home Means Nevada mural
bulldog mascot painting
gray tribal lines

There is no limit to your imagination.

Meet Our Artists

David Ozuna

Art Director DAVID OZUNA

David has been recognized with a citation from The City of Las Vegas and The Clark County School Dist. along with many newspapers and nation magazines for his services to the community and commitment to excellence.

Being commissioned to do work across the continental United States and even in Hawaii it is obvious he is passionate about his craft.

David's fine art work can be seen hanging at the Hispanic Museum of Nevada.

Antonio Good-Lopez

Art Director Antonio Good-Lopez

Since 2002 Tony has displayed his professional talents to the world by way of murals and graphic arts.

In his spare time he enjoys wood working and working on his own fine art canvases.

Samantha Z. Ozuna

Art Director Samantha Z. Ozuna

The youngest on the team is no stranger to hard work. Even during the hottest day of the Las Vegas summers you might find her working on projects for NASCAR, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), or at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

In her spare time she likes to create digital art in an anime style. Having a big heart she has also worked with lost and needy animals.